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Where to get BS6 fuel in your city

Soon after the implementation of BS6 Emission norms last year, have you ever wondered about Where to get BS6 fuel in your city

Where to get BS6 fuel in your city - All Details inside
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In this article, we are explaining to you about BS6 fuel and its availability in your area.

What is BS6 Fuel

Under BS6, oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) levels will reduce by 25% in petrol engines and a sharp 68% in diesel engines. Particulate Matter (PM) levels will also be down by a massive 82% in diesel engines. 

BS6 fuel will contain lower Sulphur content. 10 mg/kg Sulphur vis-a-vis 50 mg/kg Sulphur in BS4.

Is it safe to put BS6 fuel in BS4 engine

A BS4 petrol vehicle can run on BS6 fuel with no problems whatsoever. if you put BS6 fuel it means you are using cleaner fuel which ultimately increases your engine life.

But a BS4 diesel vehicle might face issues in the long run. Generally, the Sulphur content in a diesel engine works as a lubricant for fuel injectors.

As the BS6 fuel has lesser Sulphur content. this might cause trouble to the fuel injectors and lead to early wear resulting in incomplete combustion.

To sum up, you need not worry if you are using a petrol car irrespective of it being a BS4 or BS6. But, if you are having a BS4 diesel car and using BS6 diesel.

It might affect your engine performance in the long run which could also result in an increase in emissions.


Indian Oil Corp (IOC), the country’s biggest oil firm. has announced that it has commenced the supply of BS6 petrol and diesel across the country.

With all its 28,000 petrol pumps, dispensing ultra-low sulphur fuel a couple of weeks ahead of the April 1 deadline. 

By January 2020, Indian Oil had been successful in the conversion from BS4 to BS6 at 80% of its bulk storage. terminals across the country. 

The company has invested around Rs 17,000 crore for the up-gradation of its facilities to meet the new emission standards. 

BS3 emission norms that came into effect starting in October 2010. allowed the Sulphur content in petrol and diesel up to 150ppm and 350ppm, respectively.

In fact, New Delhi has been running on BS6 fuel for about a year now, whereas the National Capital Region (NCR) switched in October 2019.

Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) are also supplying BS6 fuel at their fuel stations.

How to check availability?

While IOCL is claiming almost all its Fuel stations have BS6 Fuel availability. and some other brands like BPCL, HPCL has partial availability.

So next time when you start thinking of Where to get BS6 fuel in your city.

It’s always good to ask Fuel station attendant about availability of BS6 fuel at particular fuel station before ask to fill the tank.

You also can read more details about BS6 fuel by clicking here.

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