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Travelling with temporary number plates is illegal in India

If you are planning to buy a car and have plans to travel using a temporary number plate then, the following article is a must-read for you, Now Travelling with temporary number plates is illegal in India

What is Temporary Number plate?

A temporary registration number is assigned by the dealership from which the vehicle is purchased which serves the purpose when the vehicle is brand new and is yet to be permanently registered. This unique number is normally valid for a period of maximum one month, in which the vehicle should be registered by the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) authority.

The road transport ministry has released guidelines for displaying the registration number on 11 different categories of vehicles. These guidelines cover vehicles with temporary number plates as well as the ones in possession of dealers.

As per the new norms, a temporary registration number written on a piece of paper and pasted on the vehicle is now an offence. the guidelines come under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR). following is all details about what all has changed in terms of temporary registration plates

What is Prohibited

The New law states that driving a vehicle with the temporary number plates (with a number in red or on a piece of paper) is now illegal. Also, nothing is allowed apart from the English Alphabets and Arabic numerals. This is also applicable for number plates that are auctioned by the state well known as VIP numbers

Basis above guidelines all the existing temporary number plates which are not following the guidelines shall be considered as illegal, here In India, there is a big market for fancy number plates and vehicle owners take pride in having a very unique looking number plate. Although now number plates won’t be unique looking the VIP number plates can be purchased at the state auctions

The CRVM (Central Motor Vehicles Rule) states that the vehicles except for 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers will have a set number for height thickness and space at 65mm, 10mm and 10mm respectively.

Why so format-specific?

This Change has been done as the security cameras which are installed at various tolls, red lights and other areas identify the number can not pick up numbers of the vehicles which have a number other than uniform number display. The uniformity in number plates is necessary for better readability and for automated recognition.

Also, a Delhi Transport Official said that a lot of instances noticed in the past where criminals were misusing the vehicles with temporary number plates. The identification of numbers on the temporary number plate is difficult and being a piece of paper it can be easily removed.

With the Law of HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) the government is trying to improve the accountability of the vehicle user. With these new amends to the law, the better implementation of the law is expected.


For temporary registration

  • Apply for temporary registration of a motor vehicle in Form 20 to the Registering Authority in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is or to
    the dealer dealing in the sale of New Motor Vehicles Recognised by the Transport Commissioner
  • Provide copies of Sale Certificate, Insurance Certificate and Roadworthiness Certificate
  • Pay tax and fee as specified in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 for temporary registration

For extension of temporary registration

  • You can apply for the extension of the period of temporary registration to the Registering Authority by specifying the reason and period up to which the extension is required.
  • You can apply for the extension of the temporary registration for maximum two times.
  • In case you have already applied for an extension once and are again applying for an extension, you will have to pay the penalty as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.
  • Pay fee and tax for the extension as specified in Rule 81 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989

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