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Top reasons why mid size SUV are preferred over car

Choosing right car is always a matter of joy, excitement and fun, buyers now a day are preferring Mid Size SUV’s over Cars, Mid Size SUV gives certain edge over cars, this does not mean Mid Size SUV’s are perfect specially if we talk about boot space in Sedans, lets understand why SUV is preferred over car

SUV ground clearance over Car

SUV (sports utility vehicle) as its name itself explains is made in in such a way that it shall easily pass through, minor obstructions, Mid size SUV’s like KIA Seltos offers a ground clearance of 190mm whereas Sedan like Honda City only offers 165mm of ground clearance, hence developing countries Like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan etc. where road infrastructure is not so good buyers prefer a car which shall easily pass through small pot holes without damaging car base or making scratches on car body in worst possible condition

Road visibility in SUV over Car

Due to its SUV shape and good ground clearance, driver inside SUV gets little higher seating position compare to car which posses longer length but lower ground clearance, if a person do daily driving most of time in traffic then SUV gives him advantage of watching distant cars to a great degree or extent, which helps him in making quicker decision regarding how to drive and pass through traffic

Legroom and head room inside SUV over Car

SUV generally comes having boxy shapes, which offers good legroom and headroom to occupants, you can get good legroom inside car but if your or your guest height is more then 5 Foot -11 inch, then your head keeps touching car roof while passing though potholes which is not a good sign, specially whence we are planning to buy a car for convenience

SUV Engine Over Car Engine

Automobile makers now a days have started offering almost same engine specifications both in cars and SUV’s some of examples are Hyundai Creta, KIA Seltos, Hyundai Verna, Honda City etc, all following SUV and sedan as coming with 1.5 liter petrol engine option, considering performance is same buyers are going towards SUV due to its good ground clearance and SUV looks

SUV Boot space and cabin space over car

Boot space and cabin space if very important criteria while choosing car, in Cabin space both SUV and Car have tough competition still SUV’s have edge over car due to their boxy shape, in boot space both SUV and Car both have equal edge but if we are comparing mid size SUV with hatchback then boot space of SUV is obviously far better

Hope you have got your answers, what you think on this? you can share your opinion with us.

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