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The New Maruti Ignis

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Despite the fact that Maruti does not currently sell an electric vehicle in India. An electric Ignis could be bought for Rs 12.50 lakh. Bhartiya Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Northway Motorsport, both of Pune, are offering an EV powertrain based on their own design for the 2021 Ignis.

Maruti Ignis: Available Battery Packs

While the battery packs’ capacities are unknown, one has a range of 120 kilometers. And the other has a range of 240 kilometers. According to BEV, the car’s electric powertrain will produce 170 Nm. And attain a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Slowly charging the battery using a conventional power outlet can take anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the battery pack you choose. As an add-on, it comes with a charger. This electric vehicle is unique in that it still has a manual transmission, and the gear selection helps determine how much regenerative braking occurs when you let go of the accelerator.

The New Battery Powered Maruti Ignis
The New Battery Powered Maruti Ignis

The smaller battery pack, which has a range of 120 kilometers, costs Rs 12.50 lakh, while the larger one, which has a range of 240 kilometers, costs Rs 14.50 lakh. BEV is employing the Ignis Alpha MT variant for this conversion, and the entire cost includes the cost of a brand new Ignis with an ICE (internal combustion engine). The Ignis Alpha MT costs Rs 6.96 lakh ex-showroom, so the long-range EV conversion will set you back more than twice that.

Maruti Ignis : Safety Features

The safety features of the Ignis, like ABS, EBD, and dual airbags, will be as it is in the parent model. Of course, the original manufacturer’s warranty will be terminated in such a conversion, but BEV offers a 2-year/60,000km electric powertrain warranty.

Maruti Ignis Design
Maruti Ignis Design

After receiving full payment, BEV will complete the order and deliver the vehicle within two to three months. You have the option of giving them your MY21 Alpha MT Ignis or having them purchase one for you. You won’t be able to get any rewards for the conversion because retrofitting EV kits do not come with subsidies. During the conversion, Northway and BEV also remove the components.

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