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The Growing Need For Green Vehicles

What are Green Vehicles?

Green vehicles or eco-friendly vehicles are road motor vehicles that run on environment-friendly, harmless fuels or that run on alternative fuels that cause minor pollution than the ones which run on fuels such as diesel or gasoline reimbursing the way for a conventional mode to commute. 

Electric Vehicles or Green Vehicles
Electric Vehicles or Green Vehicles

Green Vehicles : A way Forward

Presently some countries have set standards for the automobile industries to manufacture vehicles that run on cleaner fuels such as CNG and other compressed fuels, certain criteria such as low-carbon fuel standards are also enacted in several countries. 

Several creators have come over with the idea to use a blend of biodiesel and ethanol fuel as alternatives to increasing the fuel economy as improving fuel economy will be the most cost-effective way to boost energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector in the short run. 

More than 240 new models of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) may hit the market in the next two years. Around 130 million electric vehicles will be on the road worldwide by 2030.

To meet this target, massive charging stations will be set up, which will be prohibitively expensive. To meet the global demand for electric vehicle charging stations, both in public and private spaces, an estimated USD 100 billion to USD 170 billion should be invested over the next ten years (2020-2030).

Charging in residential and industrial buildings will continue to be dominant in the near future. And will be critical to scaling the industry across the three most advanced electric vehicle markets. Which include China, the EU-27, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A boon for the Environment

These Vehicles gave a start to the concept of Sustainable transport these vehicles reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. And contribute to energy independence by reducing imports of oils such as diesel and petrol. 

Green Vehicles , a boon for the environment
Green Vehicles, a boon for the environment

Owing to the growing environmental and health concerns, sustainable transport is the need of the hour. Which would lead to a comfortable and responsible response in the automobile industry.  

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