Amid ongoing countrywide lockdown to protect consumers interest TATA motors extends the warranty and free service period for passenger vehicle owners.Car News

TATA Motors extends warranty and free service period

TATA motors amid ongoing countrywide lockdown extend the warranty and free service period for passenger vehicle owners.

In the light of ongoing lockdown across the country. Many customers are unable to service vehicles that are due for maintenance. In a testament to its continuous endeavour to offer customers a seamless and hassle-free after-sales experience.

In the meantime, Tata Motors has announced that the customers whose warranty and free service period (not km.) Are expiring between 1st April 2021 and 31st May 2021. They will continue to get a warranty till 31st June 2021.

TATA Motors Full statement

According to Mr Dimple Mehta, Head – Customer Care (Domestic & IB), PVBU, Tata Motors. The Covid 19 upsurge has led to restrictions on movements. And for the most part customers across the country are unable to bring or send their vehicles for service.

Keeping this in mind, we are offering customers the utmost support. By extending their warranty and free service period till 30th June 2021. With this intention of enhancing the brand connect with customers, TATA Motors is offering them a hassle-free ownership experience.”

Business Agility Plan

Given these points, for the well being of its business and supporting ecosystem. Tata Motors had recently announced that it has set in motion a comprehensive Business Agility Plan. Overall it protects and serves the interests of its customers, dealers and suppliers.

Overall, Tata Motors has expanded its service footprint over the years and has over 608 service centres across 400+ locations. In case of any emergency assistance, Tata passenger car owners can contact the 24X7 assistance team at 1800 209 8282.

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