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Tata Harrier Vs XUV 700

The Mahindra XUV 700 was recently debuted in both 5 and 7 seater models, competing with the Tata Harrier, which is only available in a 5 seater configuration. Here we have compared both on the basis of certain specifications for you to choose the best out of two.

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Tata Harrier Vs XUV 700: Design

Mahindra XUV 700 design

The new XUV700 is longer and broader than the XUV500 and is built on the sW601 monocoque chassis. It has a wheelbase of 2750 mm and a length of 4695 mm. Unlike the Tata Harrier, which is only available in a 5-seat format, the XUV700 has the option of a 5-seat/7-seat layout. With the C-shaped DRLs, the front fascia is more prominent and sharper. Mahindra’s new logo design is now featured on the chrome-stripe grille. The tailgate is made up of a variety of plastic compositions and is highly sophisticated. Overall, the XUV700 appears to be a high-end model, with costly sheet metal.

The Harrier, on the other hand, sports Tata’s crisp Impact 2.0 design language, complete with trademark hexagonal components. The Harrier, like the XUV700, is built on Land Rover’s D8 monocoque chassis, which is also used in the Discovery Sport. The front fascia, in particular, bears a strong resemblance to the H5X concept. The Harriers’ design has a unique sportiness to it, especially the way the C-pillar meets the sloped roofline and rising window line. The rear is well embellished with a long black crome-styled strip, and the sleek taillamps on both sides add to the premium appeal.

Tata Harrier Vs XUV 700: Interior

Mahindra XUV 700 interior

The base MX edition of the Mahindra XUV700 comes with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a seven-seat driver’s console. The 10.25 digital dashboard is standard on all XUV700 SUVs starting with the AX3 version. The infotainment system supports the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which comes standard with a 6-speaker sound system . Some of the few amenities included in all XUV700 SUVs are pre-heating the cabin, remote start/stop via smartphone/watch, and driver drowsiness detection.

Tata Harrier interior

The Harrier, on the other hand, has a semi-digital driver’s console with a 7-inch TFT display and an 8.8-inch horizontally laid-out touchscreen for infotainment. The device support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apart from that, both the Harrier and the XUV700 have a sunroof, but unlike the XUV, the Harrier’s standard 4-speaker system isn’t particularly impressive. The JBL sound system in the top Harrier models, on the other hand, is deserving of special mention.

Tata Harrier Vs XUV 700: Engine

The Mahindra XUV700 has both petrol and diesel engines, as well as a six-speed automatic or manual transmission option. The standard 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine has a maximum power output of 200 PS.

The 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine, on the other hand, is offered in three different tuning options. The base MX trims offer the lowest output of 155 horsepower and torque of 160 Nm. In AX models, the same engine with the 6MT produces 185 horsepower and 420 pounds. With the 6-speed automatic transmission, the power is the same, but the torque is 450 Nm.

In Tata Harrier, however, there is only one engine option. The Fiat-sourced 2.0-liter diesel engine develops 170 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque when paired to either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Tata Harrier Vs XUV 700: Price

The Tata Harrier comes in a variety of trim levels, with automatic and manual transmission options as well as dual-tone color schemes. The range begins with the standard XE model, which starts at Rs. 14,39,899 ex-showroom, and ends with the most costly Harrier model, the XZA Plus Dark Edition with the automatic gearbox option, which starts at Rs. 21, 09,399.


Both the XUV700 and the Harrier are crucial products for their respective companies. The Harrier, on the other hand, is a striking deviation from a standard Tata vehicle and appears to be trendy and upscale. With its semi-autonomous driving features and an even better feature list, the XUV700 ups the ante. When comparing the number of features provided, the XUV700 comes out on top. The Tata Harrier, on the other hand, has a superior SUV posture with higher ground clearance. However, because the Harrier lacks all-wheel drive, it loses ground to the XUV700 in this category as well.

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