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Second hand car buying checklist, all details

Post Covid-19 led lock-down, most of pvt. and govt sector organizations are encouraging their employees to work from home, some business also have suffered financial losses due to reduction is supply chain demand, due to uncertain real world situations and less daily run, buyers now a days are preferring to purchase second hand car or second hand bike same is helping them in saving hard earned money for difficult times

While choosing perfect car between all car models, It’s very important to take care of certain points while fixing deal for second hand car else, the money which we have saved shall be spent on repairing it or on followups due to wrong decision made, here is point wise checklist you should follow while buying second hand car

Budget: Before starting search for best second hand car to buy, Its very important to analyze and fix your budget, example: once you start visiting dealer place you see 03 year old Hyundai Creta at Rs.7Lacs price next to it you see another Good condition 02 years old Honda city at 7.5 Lacs price, having so minor difference often we starts stretching our budget and makes wrong decision which leads to frustration at later stage

How old car you should buy? We recommend don’t buy any car while is more then five years old, now a days prices of new cars tend to drop sharply, till initial first to three years of use none of car demands maintenance if same is used well then five year old car is also a good deal, buying car older then five year may led to frequent service demands such as cabin noise, particular light stopped working, permanent front wheel alignment issue etc.

Car Condition: Make sure car you are choosing is in good running condition, before paying advance or full payment, get engine check done, test drive done, get it throly checked from own mechanic or if possible get it checked at company workshop, some common points to check are repaint work, dents, previous repair and accident history, Ensure that you carry out a thorough re-check when you go to take the delivery of your vehicle. This is important because a dealer might replace some of the components from your seeing of the vehicle to the delivery of the vehicle- for example they might replace new tyres with old tyres, better way if while fixing the deal, take photos of all exterior components

Car Registration documents: Check whether seller is first or second owner of car, verify car chassis number is matching with chassis number written on original invoice copy, do demand NOC from the car loan provider, and road tax receipt. The car’s transfer is effected when you and the seller sign on RTO Forms 29 and 30. Further, the seller must submit Form 28, which is the NOC for transfer of the car.

Car insurance: Check the car’s insured value in the policy same shall help you in doing final price negotiations with seller, please track the No Claim Bonuses over the past 2-3 years, as frequent claims may imply frequent accidents requiring repair and maintenance to the vehicle. get the seller’s car insurance policy transferred into your name or buy a new policy within 14 days of the date of transfer of the car. Not doing so may lead to your insurance claim being rejected in case of any accident or mishap.

Potential modifications: Can you convert the car into a dual-fuel automobile? Can you opt for upgrades for greater comfort, safety, and value? Older vehicles may come cheap but may be impossible to upgrade. A relatively new model is preferable, especially if it comes at an affordable price.

From where to buy?: In India you have 03 options to buy a used car – an individual, a used car broker or the franchised pre-owned dealer, our recommendation is try buying car from a individual to whom you already know, or buy from franchised pre-owned dealers, keep buying second hand car from small scale reseller as last option, buying car directly from known individual shall give you confidence and chance to negotiate well, also you shall have trust that car is safe having no accidental history, buying car from franchised pre-owned dealers is also recommended because they have proper offices, they takes responsibility of all paper work also they responds properly even after selling the car, buying car from small scale reseller is ok but you have to be extra cautious at one side they ensure fast deal on the other side there are chances that they shall not support properly once after selling the car

How to Bargain?: Note down repaint work, engine condition, how old car is, any cabin noise or cosmetic work required, its first sale or second owner sale, no of works you have to initiate once after buying to to make it perfectly fit, highlight all following points offer your price and negotiate on it don’t

What All Paper work you have to ensure: Just like choosing right car paperwork is equally important task same shall keep you safe from future troubles basic checks includes- any change in the vehicle, like engine replacement or a new body colour, has to be updated in the registration certificate as well. registration certificate, owner’s manual, vehicle insurance papers, original purchase invoice, road tax receipt, pollution certificate (form 35 if the car was financed), along with a copy of the NOC from the financing company.

Buying second hand car appears like tiresome job, but if you are buying it from right agency or person having some basic checks in place shall save your lot of money.


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