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Planning for KIA Seltos? must read following points

With almost 20k deliveries pending still KIA Seltos is most hot selling mid-size SUV in Indian Market, Following KIA Seltos article is exclusively based on viewer queries, in this we are answering all common questions asked by prospective and existing KIA Seltos buyers, we shall also explain you KIA Seltos Average, Build Quality, Driving comfort, Pickup, looks, features, ISOFIX options, Modification options etc,

Question1 : I own a kia Seltos GTX+ , I sometimes feel like there’s some problem with the volume rockers on the steering wheel, they just don’t work properly when connected to my phone via Bluetooth. When I try to increase the volume, it takes me to the voice commands and when I decrease, it takes time! (This happens only when connected to Bluetooth) Just want to know if this is happening to you as well! Thank you!

Answer: Yes sometimes I also face so, actually voice command button is given in steering wheel of KIA Seltos, while driving the car sometimes mistakenly often we press it which results in voice command activation, in other scenario Android auto atomically picks some words spoken by you and activates vice commend, same is not an issue indeed its common thing

Question 2: Hello sir, Does KIY motor gives any offer or discounts while purchase of any of the models? And what is the approx. real life mileage on highway for htk+

Answer: KIA Don’t offers any Discount on any of KIA Seltos model, HTK+ Petrol highway real life mileage is 16.5KMPL and in city traffic it easily gives 14-14.5KMPL

Question 3: Rumours that seltos htk + variant to get some additional features with some price hike is it true.

Answer: No KIA is not going to increase any price on seltos model, rumors are there that KIA May bring some upgrades in Mid variant but there is no official confirmation on it.

Question 4: How is the driving dynamics of the car? And is it more VFM than Creta.

Answer: VFM stands for Value for money, Yes except base mode all other KIA Seltos models are more VFM compare to Hyundai Creta 2020, in terms of driving Seltos is fun to drive having great pickup and response

Question 5: Can we install FRONT-parking sensors from Kia Service station?

Answer: No, Officially KIA Workshop is not offering any such upgrade

Question 6: Sir after lockdown. Prices of BS6 cars are going to increase or decrease.

Answer: There will be no effect on BS6 Car prices, but car brands who have old BS4 inventory they shall offer discount of up to 1-2 lacs

Question 7: Sir my monthly running is 1000 km approx. what would i buy Seltos diesel base or petrol HTK both price are same I like diesel performance and millage is batter in diesel.

Answer: if diesel is your first choice then go for it, else your monthly running is too low at such low running we don’t recommend diesel car,

Question 8: Sir, which is best to buy Creata S Diesel or Seltos HTK+ diesel. For me looks and build quality matters.

Answer: Hyundai Creta S diesel ex showroom cost is Rs.12,77000/- whereas KIA Seltos HTK+ ex showroom cost is Rs.12.54 Lacs ex showroom, price and look wise KIA Seltos appears better choice

Question 9: How to Enter in Engineering mode in KIA Seltos HTK+ Model?

Answer: The Engineering Mode allows service techs to access information about the car that we’re not intended to know about, we don’t recommend buyers to use it else in case of any minor mistake car may start malfunctioning and warranty may void.

Question 10: please tell what all things to check and how to check while taking delivery of new Car

Answer: Please check below points:

  • Check car paint in sunlight there must not be any repainting on any of part
  • Tyres must not have any cut
  • Check scratches both sides from exterior and interior
  • Under body corrosion
  • Check the movement of windows (especially for power windows)
  • Last but not the least, the lights. Check for the lighting (cabin lights, head lamp, fog lamp, tail lights, boot light, etc.) of your car whether they are functioning properly or not.
  • The primary tools (like jack, spanner) required are given in the car.
  • Check the manufacturing date of the car, and also match the chassis and engine number with the numbers on sales slip.
  • Last but not the least, learn all the features of your car and the way to operate them from the sales guy. Ask him to operate and demonstrate you all of them to understand it properly.

Question 11: If you could cover the below points that will be very helpful

  • A. You mentioned previously that the power is adequate for the petrol 1.5 manual, just wanted to know how it performs in the ghat section if there are say 3-4 people on board
  • B. I will be using it mostly in the city, in stop & go traffic, if you could let us know about the fuel consumption
  • C. Do you know if ISOFIX mount can be installed in the seats as HTK+ is not having the same?


  • A. With KIA Seltos 1.5 Liter petrol engine even after driving with full occupants you shall not feel any power lag
  • B. In city traffic its 14-14.5Kmpl, on highway its 16.5
  • C. Yes ISOFIX mounts can be installed in HTK+ its brackets are available on

Question 12: What will be UVO cost after 3rd yr.

Answer: After 3rd Year it will be around 4-5K

Question 13: GTX+ DCT is good to buy or I shall go for Manual?

Ans: GTX+ DCT is more value for money

Question 14: Creta S or Seltos Htk+ which one is good to buy

Answer: Although looks are personal choice still, KIA Seltos looks more disciplined to us, both cars have same engine, except base model all rest models of KIA Seltos appears value for money

Question 15: How is the build quality of KIA Seltos compare to Hyundai Creta 2020

Answer: From front side KIA Seltos build quality is good from side Hyundai Creta is better inshort both cars have tough competition, go with looks as engine option is also same

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