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Must-Follow checklist for buying a used car at an affordable price range

The Indian second-hand car industry is booming with growing demand for used cars as more and more people understand the benefits of opting for second-hand variants. In a country that sees owning cars as a major status symbol, buying used cars is the easiest way to make sure convenience does not come at a hefty price to you. One of the most significant benefits of buying used cars is affordability – you can find pretty much any car variant you’d like in the market in good condition. 

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If you are thinking of buying a used car. There are multiple essential things to follow through with before finalizing the deal. Here is a checklist of them all:

Used Cars buying Checklist

  • Check the Exterior: Your car dealer will usually have checked the condition of the car thoroughly but make sure you do a quick sweep as well. Check the exteriors for any paint damage, bumps, etc. Take a look at the glass panels for any cracks or scratches and get them fixed to avoid future inconvenience. Also, take a look at the underbody and under the hood to ensure the engine is working well and there are no visible leaks.
  • Check the Interior: The interior of the car is extremely popular, so if you plan on buying one, get inside the car and make yourself familiar with it. Check out whether the seating area is as comfortable as you would like. Also, take a close look at the fabric of the upholstery to see if there are any tears or damage. Finally, press a few buttons on the system and get a proper feel of how well the car is functioning.
  • Documents: This is a crucial step to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership of the car. Get all the documents transferred to your name along with additional documents like the registration certificate. Ask the previous owner or seller about any existing car insurance and get that transferred as well. Make sure you renew the insurance if the previous one’s term is close to ending.
  • Test Drive: There is no better way to tell whether a car functions well than to take it on the road. All car sellers allow potential buyers to take a test drive, so take the car out and focus on the overall feel of it. Listen closely to detect if the engine makes any noise, check if the car is easy to maneuver around turns and how smooth the brakes, entertainment system, seat belts, etc. function.
  • Variety: It is also important to remember that there are always more options to consider if anything ticks you off. Do not buy any car you are not 100% sure about as it can cause problems in the future that you would rather avoid. You are not obligated to buy any car even after taking a test drive if you do not feel like it’s the best one for you.

We hope this blog has helped you shortlist your desired used car. To save you all the trouble Spinny brings you the widest collection of second-hand cars that have been passed through a 200-point inspection. This ensures that you buy a quality vehicle, no matter what your choice is. Take a look at Spinny’s range and bring your favorite one home today!

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