The facelift model of New Force Gurkha was showcased at the Auto expo 2020 offering a 2.6-litre powerful engine the Mahindra Thar rival is launching around the festive season.Upcoming

Mahindra Thar rival New Force Gurkha launching in the festive season

The facelift model of New Force Gurkha first time showcased at the Auto expo 2020. Is launching around the festive season and it will offer a 2.6-litre powerful BS6 engine.

The mid-size SUV segment is one of the most competitive vehicle segment in the domestic market. Buyers prefer mid-size SUVs due to their stylish looks and high ground clearance. Indeed it also makes them the perfect choice for driving on all kind of roads. But, if we talk about budged off-roading SUV offering 4*4 (AWD) capability. Then, except for the New Mahindra Thar, we do not have any other SUV on the market.

In the absence of many choices. Buyers who want to buy an all-wheel-drive SUV are bound to buy the Mahindra Thar model. Which offers 2.0-liter turbo petrol and a 2.2-litre diesel engine incorporated with AWD option.

New Force Gurkha

Soon a new member in the budget offroader SUV segment is going to launch it will be an all-new 4*4 Force Gurkha. Set to launch around the festive season Gurkha is the second AWD budget offroader in the mid-size SUV segment.

In terms of Looks, the New Force Gurkha is equipped with Fresh bumpers, Round shape headlamps having hollow DRL. Though, Force engineers have ensured to keep retro looks of SUV keeping this in mind turn indicators are fixed on the front fenders.

The design of the front grille too is changed, Inside the cabin now you get two-tone black and beige interior at the dashboard. Its independent suspension makes the car comfortable even while doing offroading. In terms of features now it offers power windows, Tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel.

In terms of power, unlike the existing Force Gurkha model which is offering a 2.2-litre and 2.6-litre BS4 engine. Unlike the old model, the new BS6 force Gurkha model is offering only a 2.6 Liter engine. It is rated at 190PS of power and 280Nm of torque incorporated with 5-speed manual transmission.

In light of above information the New Force Gurkha is offering AWD across all its trims and plenty of off-roading accessories options.

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