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KTM 990 Duke 2022 to be launched globally soon

KTM has been spotted testing a motorcycle that appears to be the 990 Duke. While the manufacturer already has the 790 and 890 Duke. The decision to go with a larger capacity motorcycle could be owing to increasingly stringent pollution and noise laws.

KTM 990 Duke: Engine

The KTM 990 Duke will now have a highly improved version of the 890 Duke’s engine. There is no definite information on its power figures, although it will almost certainly be faster than the 890.

Spied images of the KTM 990 Duke
Spied images of the KTM 990 Duke

Apart from some adjustments to handle the slightly larger engine and an all-new swingarm, the chassis design remains mostly unchanged. The new aluminum swingarm appears to be beefier. But it also appears to be completely different, implying that it will be lighter and stiffer. As well as having a new design to match the revised exhaust placement.

Bodywork and Design:

Furthermore, thanks to redesigned radiator shrouds and fuel tank design, the forthcoming 990 Duke is slated to gain new bodywork that appears more aggressive. From the back, though, the motorcycle appears to have been inspired by the old 690 Duke. Another intriguing aspect of the design is the new stacked headlamp, which adds a touch of radicalism, which KTM aficionados appreciate.

Design of 2022 KTM 990 Duke
Design of 2022 KTM 990 Duke

However, this is still a prototype, not a ready-to-use model. As a result, the new KTM 990 Duke may take some time to arrive. The new parallel-twin 990 cc engine possess considerable modifications if not entirely new. And will offer a significant increase in power over the KTM 890 Duke’s current 121 horsepower. It’s also possible that the KTM may debut the 990 as a top-spec middleweight “Super Duke,” with the 890 continuing to exist beside it. More information will release in the coming months.

Price and Launch Date:

We can now expect KTM to debut the 990 Duke for global markets by the end of the year, however, it is unlikely to see in India anytime soon. The new KTM 990 Duke is priced at Rs 10 Lakh.

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