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Jeep Compass Facelift is coming

In 2021, the Jeep Compass will undergo a renovation and will also have a seven-seater version. From column B to the rear, the SUV will be completely new to house the extra seats. There will be a large third window that will be separated by 12 cm from the rear cover of the SUV.

Among the aesthetic changes, the “Grand Compass” will have the same new “face” that the Jeep Compass will present to the market in 2021. The headlights will be slightly changed, which will be narrower and will invade the front fender by a few centimeters.

The grid with the iconic seven slits will be almost imperceptibly moved upwards, and there will be subtle touches to the fog lamp frames and the lower air intake, now in the middle of the piece, unlike the current model, which brings a part attached to the para -shock.

Jeep took care of the car’s identity and highlighted the roof line, which ends in an S shape when it meets the rear. However, the look was more “boxy”, with an airfoil that goes straight to the end of the ceiling and houses the third brake light. At the rear, sobriety will prevail.

The lanterns, like the headlights, will be thinner and will not have that rounded portion that invades the lid, as in the current Compass. The plate holder will remain on the trunk lid.

Luggage space with folded seats will be close to 700 liters; however, with the extra seats in use, it should not reach 110 liters – same drama as other medium-sized SUVs with seven seats, such as Peugeot 5008 and Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace.

The restyling of Compass will not have so many new details. With the exception of the front, which receives new headlights, grille and bumpers even before the seven-seat version, the body does not change.

At the rear there should not even be a new trunk lid, only the bumper will be changed, and you will need to be very observant to repair. The lanterns, yes, will have a new internal design, more refined and with an LED signature distinct from the current model.

The big news will be due to the 1.3 Firefly T4 flex engine, which should equip the intermediate and top-of-the-line versions with front-wheel drive, in addition to bringing the new CVT gearbox to the Jeep line. There is still no consensus on the maintenance of the 2.0 flex with six-speed Aisin transmission in the entry-level Sport version.

The interior will also receive news, such as a new multimedia center and the design of the front panel. Driving assistance controls, such as lane maintenance and an active speed controller, will be available from intermediate settings.

In time: the FCA does not consider raising the prices asked for the car too much, which should remain between R $ 120 thousand and R $ 185 thousand.

The pre-restyling Compass has wide rectangular headlamps and a lower grille, items that must be changed in the new model.

The engine line should receive the reinforcement of the 185 hp 1.3 Firefly T4 flex engine, which joins the 2.0 170 hp turbodiesel. The 166 hp 2.0 flex has not yet had its future defined and may be out of line.

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