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How to style your car by self

KIA Seltos with Red Radium Tape

Buying a favourite car is everyone’s dream, most of us buy our dream car after doing a lot of market research and budgeting, still after a certain time of use often we start feeling bore with its looks, such feeling comes from deep inside the heart, no matter whether you own a top-end variant or base model

Some auto enthusiasts show their imagination and creativity through their car by doing self-styling while others start exploring professional experts who can customize their car on chargeable basis, nowadays there are a lot of cars styling and decoration options available in market

It’s not required to be a car styling expert all the time, if you are a car owner who aspires to decorate his/her car then you have to keep some point in mind before exploring car modification options:

  • Only modify which is legal (Car roof wrap, window tinting, bumper guards) are considered as not legal
  • Only modify which enhances car safety and beautify its looks (Vinyl sticker, reflective stickers, chrome)
  • Upgrade alloys but same should be of the recommended size and good brand else it will cause bad mileage and compromise with safety
  • Don’t put anything which causes safety risks to your car (local lights, horns, anything which needs case wire cut)
  • Don’t put front or rear bumper guard same are banned in India they affect Airbag deployment in emergency cases

We have a very strong opinion that a car looks best in natural form (the way how it came from the showroom) and to enhance your car looks further you only need to do basic changes which are permissible and safe, here are some tips which show how I enhanced looks of my KIA Seltos

Radium Tape

You can easily get radium tape from car number plate shop or online, if you paste it on the front grill of the car, it will enhance its look and also make it safer, imagine a situation where due to some technical fault car headlamps stop working, if you have pasted radium tape on the front grill once they came in contact with the light they start shining and make other drivers aware of your car


Rear Windshield with Sticker

There are a lot of car stickers available online, just find a suitable sticker of your choice and paste them, car stickers are considered as the best option to enhance a car look, some of the benefits are: they hide small scratches, they are long-lasting, colour doesn’t fade, you can remove them anytime

Chrome work

Lower Window Chrome

Using chrome elements on the car body is another thing in trend, nowadays visible difference between a base variant and top variant is difference between looks, you can easily fill little bit gap by using chrome elements on the car body

How you style your car? you can share your comments with us

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