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How to Choose First Car

Buying first car is always a matter of great joy, courage and lot of excitement, at one side it shows how good your car choice is on the other side it also makes impact on your finances due to additional financial liabilities you get on your pocket, here are some points you shall keep in mind which choosing your first car


Deciding Budget is most important and primary step, Experts say a person should not invest more then 20-25% of his annual income in car purchase, i.e. annual EMI should not cross more then 20% – 25% of annual income, if car is not falling in above bracket then better go for good condition second hand Car


Decide car size basis of your current family size and future goals, if you are bachelor or couple then hatchback is always a best option to begin with, it gives you good learning about driving dynamics, different driving situations and boost your confidence to go for bigger car, if you already have family size of more then 04 members then better start with mid size SUV or sedan


For first car always start with good and established brand, associating with good brand car is always fruitful you gets good service support across the country,good resale value, affordable parts and peace of mind


Choosing correct car colour is equally important as choosing correct model, colours like white, silver, grey need less maintenance also they have good resale demand, on the other side colours like Black, Red, Orange need regular maintenance to keep their shine, 

Thoroughly check regarding after sales service quality, you can easily get existing customers feedback online, some car makers do exceptionally well by keeping their customer timely updated regarding free service camps, periodic check-ups and by working on their feedback, on the other hand some run their service centers just as another medium of earning extra profits

Resale value:

Must check resale demand of car model you are going to buy, its your first car obviously you shall make bigger future plans or may decide to upgrade yourself after some time, choosing model which have good market demand shall make it easy for you to easily resale your car

Diesel or Petrol:

If your daily running is upto 50Kms then Petrol car is best to go, petrol engines have great power, they make less noise and need less maintenance, on the other hand if daily running is more then 50Kms then Diesel is best to go, diesel engines have great torque (Pulling power) which makes them perfect for driving in hilly areas


In Locations like Delhi NCR, Diesel cars are only allowed for 10 years on the other hand Petrol

cars are allowed to run for 15 Years, if you are planning to keep the car for longer time then petrol is good to go, remaining car life also matters whence you resale the car


Make a list of safety features you want in first car, now days minimum expectation in a car is ABS, EBD, Airbags, DRL, ORVM mounted turn indicator, Projector head lamps for better visibility during night driving etc.

If all above points are considered then you are good to go, wish you a pleasant and safe driving experience

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