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How to Choose Car Colour

Buying dream car is everyone’s wish, choosing right car colour is equally important like choosing car model, if any mistake done same is going to cost you heavy maintenance cost and plenty of money, it also decides car resale value and its future demand, in this article we are explaining what all points you shall consider while choosing colour of your future car

Black Colour:

Black colour enhance a car’s curves and lines more than any other color. It creates a visual aura of the car being larger and sleeker than it really is. With the color black it leads your eyesight beyond the actual color of the car and into the lines that build it.

Loops: Need regular polishing and maintenance to keep the shine, even small scratches looks big

Silver Colour:

Silver Colour have a great resale value because they appeal to a variety of buyers. Like beige,silver is considered to be a neutral color that almost anyone will want to buy. Thus if you have a silver car, you will be able to sell your car more easily than you may with another color.

Loops: There is no loop, car looks different and is easy to maintain

Blue Colour:

Blue colour is considered as brighter colour, it is more visible to other drivers increases the safety of the car, person driving blure colour cars feel happy and energetic

Cons: Need high maintenance like black colour, paint job is costly, low resale demand

Red Colour:

it’s the colour of aggression. If you’re driving a sports car that boasts its power and speed, then red is the perfect colour to reflect that. Naturally, it is a vibrant colour, so even those who just want their cars to look and feel expressive, can go for red.

Cons: Need regular polishing and cleaning to maintain its glow, after sale paint job is bit expensive

white colour:

White car paint hides dirt and grime very well overall. Shows the road grime kicked up by tires far better than any other color.White car paint still remains the most popular car color. Just like in the fashion world,white makes things look larger as opposed to the slimming and reducing colour of black

Cons: Its quite common colour, there is no other loop

Green Colour:

GREEN With its associations with nature, green signals an owner who is well-balanced. They are traditional in their outlook and don’t care about fads. “Green is a very reassuring colour, which is in the middle of the colour spectrum,” says Wright. “People who drive green cars are looking for a peaceful life.”

Cons: Low resale demand

Gold Colour:

Optimistic and positive,gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated – it illuminates and enhances other things around it. At the uppermost level, this is a color which is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.

Cons: Low resale value and high maintenance

Grey Colour:

Grey Colour Being both motionless and emotionless, gray is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world. Thecolorgray is subdued, quiet and reserved. It does not stimulate, energize, rejuvenate or excite.

Cons: There is no cons grey colour car looks different need less maintenance

Orange Colour:

Orange is the color of joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth.Orange will help a person recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride

Cons: Very low demand, high regular maintenance to maintain its shine, paint match is a headache

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