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How to choose Alloy wheels for your Car

Finding the perfect car alloy wheels for your is easy if you are aware of all the basics. In this article, we’ve put together all the information that is important for you to know before you buy alloy wheels for your car

What Are Alloy Wheels?

The Alloy wheels are wheels that are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium. Alloys are mixtures of metal and other elements. They generally provide greater strength over pure metals, Alloy wheels generally come fitted as standard in higher variants of new cars, they are also available in the aftermarket

Most car owners buy Alloy wheels to enhance the looks of their cars, if the right alloy wheel was chosen then it’ll result in easy wheel cleaning with increased fuel economy

Are Wheels and Rims the Same Thing?

Some buyers often use the terms wheel and rims interchangeably, but in actual both are different terms, The wheel is the entire metal structure, encompassing the rim, disc, hub and everything else. The rim is the outer edge that holds the tyre in place – and this can be made from a few different materials, including steel, alloy and chrome.

Car alloy wheels

The Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels


Improved Handling

Due to their construction, alloy wheels are more rigid than steel wheels, and this can greatly improve cornering and handling. Because alloys are essentially harder than standard steel wheels, there’s less roll and movement through the corners, so you can expect a tighter, more agile feel on the road.


Do you have a lot of potholes in your area? While you won’t want to crash through them with a new set of alloys on your car, they’re less likely to cause damage to an alloy wheel than a steel wheel. Again, this comes down to their construction; steel wheels are softer and more likely to bend and buckle when they receive a hard knock, whereas alloys are tougher and should be more durable in the long term.

Improved Disc Brake Performance

A basic steel wheel is a vented cylinder covered with a plastic wheel trim. This is a standard setup on older or inexpensive cars, but it does have its drawbacks. For example, disc brakes don’t receive as much ventilation, so they dissipate heat slower, affecting performance. Alloy wheels allow for better air circulation, improving the performance of disc brakes.

Better Tyre Options

Depending on the alloys you choose, you might find that you have a better range of tyres to choose from when it comes to replacing them. Some wheel sizes have a wider range of tyre options than others, so shop around to make sure the alloys you want are compatible with a good range of tyres.

In the market finding the right alloy wheels for your car is easy if you are aware of all the basics, in this article we've put together all the information that is important for you to know before you buy alloy wheels for your car


Ride Comfort

While alloy wheels do improve handling, there can be a trade-off in ride comfort, especially if you’re used to standard steel wheels. This is down to alloy being harder and ‘less forgiving’ than steel, so you might find that there are a bit more vibration and tyre noise.


Alloy wheels are one of the most expensive modifications you can make to a car, with an average per-wheel price of around INR8000-INR14000.

Other Overheads

Another point to consider when you’re buying alloys is the price of tyres. Not only will you have to buy a whole new set of tyres on top of the price of the alloys, but the ongoing price of replacements may go up – especially if you’ve bought alloys that hold large and expensive low-profile tyres.


One of the advantages of steel wheels is that, when the plastic trim starts to look tired or receives a scratch, you can simply replace it, and often relatively cheaply. This isn’t the case with alloy wheels which can be expensive to repair. If you opt for a set, remember not to bump up and down any curbs!


Fitting aftermarket alloy wheels to your car is considered as a modification, in case of an accident there are chances that insurance company shall deny a claim if its related to wheels, hence it is always recommended to inform your insurer in advance once you upgrade to alloy wheels

Choosing correct alloy wheel for car

Forged vs Cast – Alloy Rims & Wheels

  • When Buying Alloy Wheels Online, You Get Options Of Forged Alloy Rims And Wheels As Well As Cast Alloy Rims And Wheels.
  • Forged Alloy Rims And Wheels Are Used On High-Performance Sports Cars. It Doesn’t Mean That They Can’t Be Fitted On Other Cars; However, They Will Dent Your Pocket If You Go For Them As They’re Pricier.
  • Cast Aluminium Alloy Wheels Are The Other Type Of Alloy Wheels In Sydney. The Exquisiteness Of Cast Aluminium Alloy Rims And Wheels Is That While They Are A Bit Heavier Than Forged Alloy Wheels, They Are Also Affordable And Look Almost Similar To The Untrained Eye.
Find correct alloy wheel for car

Which Alloy Wheels are right for Car?

Want to find out which alloy wheels fit on your car? There are a couple of ways to search for alloys, so you can quickly find compatible makes and models that will fit your car. Below, we take a look at the different options when buying a set of alloy wheels.

Finding Alloy Wheels by Size

If you are only buying the alloy wheels and not replacing your tyres, ensure that the alloy size that you are getting is correct. Replace a 16-inch diameter steel rim with a 16-inch alloy wheel rim only. If you change the diameter, you will have to change your tyres, to maintain the overall specified wheel and tyre combined diameter and also to get tyres that will fit on your new rim.

If you already know what size alloys you want, searching by size is the simplest way to browse a wide range of compatible options. Alloys are listed by inches

How to find correct alloy wheel size

Finding Alloy Wheels by Vehicle

The internet has made it easier than ever to track down the right alloy wheels for your car, with lots of sites allowing you to quickly search for compatible alloys by your car’s make and model. You’ll find a range of options available for most cars, but be sure to triple check the size and compatibility of wheels before you place order

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