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Free Car Sanitization by KIA

During covid-19 led lock-down almost all automobile makers reported sudden drop in customer foot fall, now whence markets are slowly opening, to boost customers confidence and win their trust, companies are coming up with innovative ideas, from past many days I was getting calls from KIA Workshop for free car sanitization which is offered by KIA, unfortunately due to my busy schedule multiple times I postponed by workshop visit but I would really appreciate the way KIA Workshop never gave up on me,

Indeed they kept taking regular followups with me regarding workshop visit, today I finally visited KIA Motors workshop which is situated at Sec-18 Gurgaon for getting my car sanitized, Free Car Sanitation by KIA includes, Car Deep cleaning, Car Washing, Car polishing and Car sanitization using machine, in below video I’m showing you detailed demo how KIA Workshops are sanitizing your cars,

Firstly Your car is brought at Washing point where Workshop deep cleans your car, as an first step they removes all foot mats, then they open all five doors and use Air pressure to remove all the dirt both from inside and under the bonnet

As and second step, your car is washed throly using high pressure water stream, then your car is cleaned using dry cloth and polish is applied over it, as an last step, workshop puts a machine inside your car which generated a disinfectant smoke, I’m really impressed by the way KIA is offering all following service on Free of cost basis,

Just assume you have a dirty car and you are taking it for normal car wash obviously any car washing shop shall charge you at least Rs.250-Rs.300 as washing fees, but here KIA Workshop is Washing, Polishing and sanitizing your car on free of cost basis, If you are existing customer of any KIA Car then I would suggest please get in touch with your nearby KIA Workshop and get your car deep cleaned on free of cost basis,

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