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Exclusive: All Upgrades in KIA Seltos 2020

Once after launch of All New Hyundai Creta 2020, if we compare existing lineup of KIA Seltos models with Hyundai Creta 2020 variants, then some features were missing out in KIA Seltos, to make KIA Seltos 2020 More competitive, KIA have brought series of minor changes across all variants of KIA Seltos 2020

We have got information from our sources that KIA is bringing below changes in KIA Seltos 2020 model,

Model wise Upgrades in KIA Seltos 2020

  • Metal scuff plate with Seltos Logo – offered in HTX, HTX+, GTX and GTX+ model earlier it was only available at GTX and GTX+
  • Leatherette Gear Knob: Its made available from Mid Varient HTK+ to top variant GTX+
  • Electric Sunroof and LED Room Lamps: Made available in HTX, HTX+, GTX and GTX+
  • Gloss black dashboard with Dynamic Pattern: Made available only in HTK+ model
  • Metal Garnish on AC control Panel and grab Handle: Made available from HTX, HTX+, GTX and GTX+ model
  • Dual Muffler Design: Made available from Mid variant HTK+, earlier it was only available at HTX, HTX+, GTX, GTX+
  • All black interior colour scheme with red stitching: Made available in GTX+ model earlier it was only available at GTX model
  • USB Charging front: Made available in Base Model HTE, with following change now all KIA Seltos Variants have Front USB charging option
  • USB Charging rear: Following is much needed upgrade KIA have brought, now rear USB charging option is made available in all variants on KIA Seltos including base variant
  • Emergency Stop Signal: Made available across all variants, now KIA Seltos is more safe
  • Remote Engine Start using key FOB: Made available only in automatic variants of : HTK+, HTX, HTX+ earlier following feature was only available in GTX+ variant

All following were much awaited upgrades, we are expecting with all following updates KIA Seltos is again going to rock Mid Size SUV market in India,

What you think about all All New KIA Seltos 2020 Changes? you can share your comments with us.

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