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Car Maintenance Tips if Parked for Longer Time

With Growing trend in use of Car Pooling, Metro, Cab provided by employers and Private Cabs, often we leave our own car parked for longer time, its good to use affordable transport medium for hassle free travel but its equally important to keep checking below points to take good care of your primary car

Because its the one – which you have brought using hard earned money, you can easily save some money which shall be wasted in case of no proper care

Flat Spots

The term ‘flat spot‘ refers to a badly worn section of a tyre tread. While this might not be physically visible at first, it could cause the driver to feel bumps, thumps, or vibrations while moving.The tyres could potentially deflate and develop cracks under the constant pressure of your vehicle if you leave it in the same position for weeks. There are a couple of easy ways to tackle this. best option is to move your car a bit once in a week

Full Tank

If parked for longer time try maintaining full tank during such such times. If there is less fuel, then overtime the air above the fuel would cause condensation which is not good for your vehicles, in longer run it could cause rusting

Keep It Clean

Taking care of cosmetic details such as washing and waxing helps to improve the life of your car’s paint, and can prevent the formation of rust.

Walk Around

if possible do a walk around of your vehicle at least once per week, In fact commercial drivers are required to do pre and post trip inspections each day.

Lighting Check

Inspect exterior and interior lighting once a month.

Listen to Your Car

Machines communicate audibly – when abnormal sounds begin to appear this is your car telling you to take it to your trusted car care center. Pay close attention to conditions, temperatures and times the abnormal sounds appear – your mechanic is going to ask you these questions. Accurate information is very helpful in getting to the root cause of the noises.

Avoid Hand Brake

Avoid engaging the parking brake/handbrake when you leave the car idle for a long time as it could get jammed. It’s always better to leave the car in gear or parking mode if your car has that feature.

Check the Tire Pressure

Correct tire pressure is absolutely essential for proper vehicle handling, and to minimize the risk for premature wear and even complete tire failure (blowouts). Yet tires lose air every day. Your car might have a tire pressure warning system, but it will engage only when a tire drops down to a dangerously low pressure level.

Watch the Warning Lights

Cars have systems of sensors and warning lights that will tell you everything from whether you forgot to replace the gas cap to the fact that one of your tires is low on air. Learn what each of your warning lights means and how to resolve it, you shall get all the idea rading owners manual

Owner’s Manual

reading car owners manual is best idea, it gives you deep insights of how to check each part along with troubleshooting steps

Keep an Eye on the Fluids

Keeping the motor oil, power steering fluid, and coolant topped off is an easy way to maintain your car’s performance.

Car Cover

Make sure your car is parked in a safe covered area. If you do not have covered parking, then keep the car covered. This will protect it from bird droppings or excessive sunlight that could damage the paint. It’s also important to remove leaves and flowers if your car is in open parking as flowers and leaves are a breeding ground for bacteria

Keep the battery charged by driving your car once per week

Car batteries discharge over time, if car is old then battery discharges fast compare to New car, battery discharging also have relation with where you stay, if you stay at colder place like J&K then battery discharges fast compare to area where there is proper temperatures, to keep battery charged try driving or keeping your car idle in start condition at least for 15 mins in a week for old cars and once in 10-14 days for new cars

Wipers off the screen

Do not keep your wipers stuck to the windshield for three weeks even if you clean it regularly. Try to put a paper or cloth wrap under the wiper blades to avoid marks on the screen.

Block exhausts, air intakes

Blocking Car Exhaust and Air intakes shall prevent rodents from coming inside the car, they may cut wires inside the car which may cause serious malfunction along with foul smell

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