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Car denting and painting options available in the market know all the difference

Do you own any car or planning to buy one? A common question, which comes across car owners and buyers mind is – after-sales services, car maintenance, where to get affordable denting and painting done? Let us take you through all the dent paint options available in the market

Is there any difference in paint quality between company workshop and the market shop?

It is very clear that the paint which comes applied on the car at the time of car purchase is applied by machines, hence once any dent is happening on car body any company workshop, the market shop or 3rd party provider can’t make it like same, you only can choose between workshop or normal shop basis your satisfaction and customer reviews

Pros and cons of Denting and painting through company workshop 

Before choosing a company workshop for Denting and painting of your car – the first thing you should understand is none of the workshops is owned directly by any Automobile maker – mostly they are operated through different 3rd party small firms who also operate automobile maker car showrooms, opening Showroom with service centre helps them to retain customers and increase revenue, the Best benefit of getting your car painted through company workshop is – they used same paint composition formula which automobile maker use also they takes little more care of finishing, cons are even company workshop cant apply same quality paint which comes applied on a car at the time of purchase also if you are taking paid paint service then they charge almost double then out market paint shops

Pros and cons of Denting and painting through a market shop

If you are getting your car painted from market paint shop then you find more cons then pros, only pros you find in getting your car painted from local paint shop is they charge just half compare to company workshop, in some cases they also offer 1-2 year warranty if anything happens to the paint i.e. paint fades, starts appearing yellow etc. still cons here are more bigger – They are roadside paint shop unlike company workshop they never use any paint composition formula they matches dented body paint with rest body color and fix it which results in paint fading or painted part starts appearing little yellow after some months of use, another challenge here is even after getting verbal or written commitment regarding warranty on painted part its very challenging to get same part re-painted Free of cost in case of any issue which occurs due to previous paid paint service, such shop focuses more on daily profit hence it’s hard to expect customer centricity, customer delight from them, in simple words it’s for those who have fleet of taxi services, such dents keeps happening and you only want affordable temporary solution

Pros and cons of Denting and painting through third party companies 

If you don’t want to put huge amount on car dent and paint but want affordable denting and painting solution with quality work and good warranty then 3rd party service provider is best using their service is very easy, either install their app in your phone or visit their website online place request and let them call you, soon you shall get a call back from service advisor who shall ask for dented part snaps or book visit appointment now its up to you whether you yourself want to visit their workshop for dropping your car or ask them to get the same picked, best thing is they use same paint composition formula which company workshops use, you can online track your job status, you can get job sheet of service you also shall get written assurance regarding warranty on paint work, notable point is such companies also use out market workshops for paint work but they train all such workshops and all of them follow company guidelines which makes them little more professional compare to local market paint shop, their dent paint price is also much affordable then company workshops, some of companies offering Affordable dent, paint and service works are GoMechanic, Mahindra First choice, Pitcrew, gaadizo, carpathy etc so far we found GoMechanic best out of all such companies which offers dent, paint, service jobs

Buying a car was the first task, maintaining it new at affordable cost is another task, which you have to take care of, as hard-earned money is involved in it, please make your decision wisely

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