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Available Car headlights upgrade options for better night visibility

Do you often feel stock bulbs of your car are not efficient in night? and you are planning to upgrade your car bulbs for better night visibility?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Permissible Car Light upgrade as per Law

Before you actually decide for car light upgrade It is very important to know that as per Central Motor Vehicle Act – there is cap on Maximum Watt of Bulbs which can be used in Cars

Motor vehicle act states that – Maximum Capacity of Bulbs should not exceed 70/75 watts for 24 Volt System and 60/65 Watt for 12 Volt System for Cars in India

KIA, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki Range, Mahindra, Honda Cars, Toyota and Ford etc. all comes with 12 Volt System, indeed fact of the matter is almost all hatchback and mid sedans are coming with 12 Volt systems

White Lights in car though not clearly mentioned, but generally has higher Watt Bulbs and tend to blind in the opposite side driver. Usage of Higher Watt Bulbs or White Lights which is too bright if caught by cops may invite heavy penalty. Hence, do not consider non permissible Powerful Halogen Headlights like 100/90 W which may invite fine or make other side driver blind, Its illegal to have Such High Power Lights basis Motor Vehicle Act in India

  • Even – if looking for Install It will require a Separate Relay Wiring Harness – will cost around Rs 1000 for Relay alone. Bulbs cost additional
  • May even Void in Warranty of your Existing Car if Performed Poorly

Options to Upgrade Light

Choose in Xtreme Vision Headlights which are Type of Halogen Bulb only but with Improved Filament, it is offered by some of good brands like Phillips Xtreme Vision, Osram Night Breaker Plus

These are Halogen Headlights only but with Chrome Tip and Improved Filament Design which gives up to 100% more Light. Leaving the Quantifying terms certainly the light clarity is much better as against Standard Halogen Headlight

Priced from Rs 1200 to Rs 1600 a Pair of Front Headlights in Car (Standard Halogen Headlights in Car costs in around Rs 450 a Pair)

No Separate Relay and no Separate Wiring Harness is needed. Bulbs are Upgraded as simple replacement with these Xtreme Vision Bulbs

However they come in Different Types – H1, H4, H7, H8 following is the difference between bulbs:

  • H4 Bulbs are the best one as they are one bulb with 2 filaments – one for high beam and low beam each (to be used if your car uses Single Barrel to have 2 Bulbs) 3 Pin Bulb
  • H1 and H7 are single filament and h1 used for upper light while h7 for dipper light (To be used if your car uses Double Barrel to have 4 bulbs in total). 2 Pin Bulb
  • H8, H11 Bulbs are primarily meant for Fog Lights

Choice of bulbs depend on the electrical system of the car. Its important to check whether the Holder of Bulb is of 2 Pin or 3 Pin or Headlight Type compatible for your car.

While in Choosing these lights – between Xtreme Vision or Vision Plus – Vision Plus is even more Powerful by 30% against Standard Xtreme Vision

Picture Disclaimer: Below is Indicative Pic, Vision Plus would further be 30% more Powerful than Xtreme Vision lights

LED Headlights: LED Lights are best by design if done at Manufacturer end, rather than as after market fitment. Generally LED depicts styling appeal of more whitish light, although in real life scenario in most of the cases brightness of LED in headlights is slight lower as against HID with Projector. But even LED are getting Popular due to differentiating styling element of LED as seen in. LED are more popular in Fog Light, DRL, Tail Light, Cabin Light and slowly now catching up pace even in Headlight too for primarily the styling part
Its very important to set the beam angle correct as incorrect angle can glare opposite side driver. LED Bulb life is considered the longest among all. Go with Branded one. 
It is Important to note that although LED looks stylish but are not the best in visibility throw aspect for which HID Bulbs with Projector by far remains the best choice. Always not to exceed 4300 Kelvin Bulbs

HID Bulbs with Projector: HID (High Intensity Discharge) or High Definition Headlights with Projector Lamps are another choice to upgrade Headlights for Car. HID Bulbs do not have Filament as which is there in Standard Halogen Headlights, but uses HID Ballast to ignite Chemical and provide light Visibility. Typically known as HID or Xenon Bulbs (been the HID Ballast and Chemical makes Xenon Gas)

Light Throw and Clarity is Much Better, Brighter and Projector look makes the Car Stylish and ensure that light does not split (Important to note that without Projectors – HID Bulb light will split on road and hence strongly recommended to use with Projectors only). But Costing in range of Rs 15000 onwards makes it an expensive thing.

For those looking for better visibility on road – generally HID with Projector is considered the best set up as against Halogen or even LED Headlights.

For your Information – HID Bulbs uses lesser Power than Standard Halogen Headlights – they are of 35W or 55W. There are further Sub Categories of Bulbs in 35W or 55W which has Color Temperature of Bulbs :

  • 3000K – Yellow 
  • 4300K – Yellowish White Light for Enhanced Visibility
  • 6000K to 8000K – White with Slight Bluish Impact – Strong Visibility

HID with 6000K will have strong Glaring effect on driver coming from Opposite Side. Its best to use 4300K Bulbs. We do not recommend HID Bulbs without Projectors (though HID Bulbs Stand alone cost you around Rs 5000 to 7000) as the light will spread in and will not focus – unlike whats seen along with Projectors. Even – Driver Coming through Opposite Side would be uncomfortable as HID Bulbs will impact visibility due to glare from the spread
There is Option of Bi-Xenon Headlights too. The difference in between Bi-Xenon and Xenon is that in Bi-Xenon there are only 2 Bulbs used (the bulb on each side does job of both Low Beam and High Beam), while in Xenon 4 Bulbs are used (where generally Lower Beam Bulb have Xenon HID and Higher Beam have Halogen Bulbs. We recommend Xenon / HID with Projector instead of Bi-Xenon

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