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2022 Bajaj Triumph

According to the initial announcement from both brands, the Bajaj-Triumph motorcycle will be available in 2022. Both companies have formed a strategic alliance to develop middleweight-segment motorcycles for Indian and international markets.

The Partnership :

The upcoming motorcycle will look and feel like a Triumph, but because Bajaj is the manufacturer, we expect it to offer value for money at a lower price. Because of their low price point, Triumph Showrooms will sell these motorcycles in which will help the brand attract more customers. As a Triumph motorcycle, the products are expected to provide excellent performance and riding dynamics, as well as a slew of electronic rider aids.

The Bajaj and Triumph Partnership
The Bajaj and Triumph Partnership

The price suggests that the upcoming Indo-British motorcycle will use a single-cylinder engine with an estimated displacement of 200-300 cc. Triumph Motorcycles in the UK will be in charge of engineering and development, while Bajaj will be in charge of cost-effective manufacturing in India.

Expected Design :

While the first Bajaj Triumph medium displacement’s body style is unknown, cruiser or classic roadster are the most likely outcomes. If the latter is the case, we believe the recently unveiled Trident could serve as design inspiration.

Expected Design of 2022 Bajaj Triumph
Expected Design of 2022 Bajaj Triumph

From what we can tell, a quarter-liter roadster with a good mix of classic and modern elements. It would be an intriguing proposition at a price point under INR 2 lakh. With a little more than 20 hp on tap. The motorcycle in question would cover Royal Enfield’s soon-to-be-launched next-generation family of motorcycles.

Launch Timeline :

Before the pandemic hit, Bajaj and Triumph officials went on record to say that the first product of their collaboration would be ready in 2022. We anticipate that the two-wheeled heavyweights will stay true to the schedule with minimal delay.

This collaboration would allow Triumph to establish a presence in the volume-rich global medium displacement segment while benefiting from Bajaj Auto’s competitive cost structure. Adding another globally recognized brand to the Indian partner’s manufacturing portfolio can only be a good thing.

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